Rick Steves Austria Audio Tours provide humorous and insightful commentary on the art and history of many of Austria's most notable museums and historic sites. This is the more casual table setting — with just your basic silverware. The institution survives — that's the point of the modern frescoes gracing the courtyard. And Vienna's Kunst-history museum offers great art from throughout the realm. April 27. More info about travel to Vienna: https://www.ricksteves.com/europe/austria/vienna The Danube River valley is at its romantic best between Melk and Vienna. 04.11.2016 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Beethovenhaus), Vienna, Austria: The Danube and Melk Abbey, Vienna, Austria: The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria: The Seductive Art of Gustav Klimt. When darkness falls, an announcer explains the program, and then the music starts. I hope you enjoyed our visit to Vienna and our little cruise up the Danube River Valley. While heavily damaged in World War II, the church survived. Melk is very good for extra travel. Locals who contributed each symbolically "own" one for their donation. Going up the towers costs extra too, whether by elevator or stairs (though the stairs are a tad cheaper). The old town — with most of the top sights — is bound tightly by the Ringstrasse, marking what used to be the city wall. Many of the collection's oldest books were written and transcribed right here. Try the grüner Veltliner — a dry white wine. by Rick Steves | Dec 2, 2014. Hi, I'm Rick Steves, back with more of the best of Europe. Three different sandwiches make a light lunch — I'm having ham and eggs, herring with onion, and chicken liver. And you can also watch a video clip related to this story: Just visit Rick Steves Classroom Europe and search for Vienna.) Yes. Does anyone have any feedback about that? Established as a fortified Benedictine abbey in the 11th century, it was destroyed by fire. Mary's head is the summit and her flowing robe is the base — enfolding baby Jesus and John the Baptist. Franz Josef had a stern upbringing that instilled in him a powerful sense of duty. And each summer evening in front of City Hall, free concerts are broadcast on a giant screen. This title will be released on February 25, 2020. Frustrated by censorship, Klimt refused every form of state support. St. Stephen's Cathedral marks the center of town. About a hundred years ago, the city decided to cover up its Vienna River. [The loop now requires a change of tram lines to tram #2 at the Schwedenplatz stop, as tram #1 no longer goes all the way around.] Charles Church offers the best Baroque in Vienna with the unique combination of columns, a classic pediment and an elliptical dome. Thanks for joining us. We are booked from December 27th leave January 1st. Vienna has fine art and architecture from just about every age and particularly interesting is the art from the last decades of Habsburg rule – Art Nouveau. Rick: Umm, that's more powerful; it's more sweet — I like it. One of the big surprises of my travels this summer has been Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The Imperial Treasury shows off the best jewels on the Continent. Be sure to reserve ahead for a visit in summer and on good-weather weekends — otherwise you'll likely have to stand in line at the ticket desk, and then you'll probably have to wait again for your assigned entry time — which could be hours later. I'm Rick Steves. The Belvedere Palace, with its elegant Baroque gardens, was the lavish home of Prince Eugene of Savoy, the still much-appreciated conqueror of the Turks. The church and its towers, especially the 450-foot south tower, give the city its most iconic image. Vienna has long been the easternmost city of the West. The strudel dough — a wheat-based filo — is from the Turks (think baklava). Visitors reflect on the glitter of 20 rooms filled with the precious paraphernalia designed to help keep one royal family ruling a good part of Europe. Auf wiedersehen. As is the tradition, they don't serve fine cuisine — only simple dishes and cold cuts from a buffet like this. Goulash — that's Hungarian, and the apple strudel? Pre-order Price Guarantee. Like the monks, visitors stroll past six centuries of Habsburg emperors as they tour the building. 1993 posts. In this statue of Mary — called the "Madonna with the Protective Mantle" — people of all walks of life seek and find refuge in the holy mother. Published by Avalon Travel Publishing, available at www.ricksteves.com. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6uh7qTbHixWcjhAOIzQT1NRFxN97lE… Vienna. Thanks for joining us. A century ago, Johan Strauss was the toast of Vienna's high society. This is where top chefs like to get their ingredients. His wife, Empress Elisabeth, or "Sisi," always seems to get the most flowers. I just want to make sure there is nothing important I might miss or something he recommends that most Vienna experts would avoid. We're dropping in for a peek at the painstaking and costly restoration work going on all the time to keep the cultural treasures of Europe looking good. This mermaid celebrates the summer — time for some fun in the sun. These days a place like this really needs more tourists. The church, which dates to the early 1700s, was built and decorated with a scaffolding system essentially the same as this one. Another highlight, filling a wing of the ground floor, is the Habsburg "Chamber of Wonders" (Kunstkammer), showing off the imperial collection of exquisite fine-art objects and exotic curios. They're from Bohemia. But the inner courtyard, under cozy vines, has a California vibe and often an accordion player, and the sprawling backyard has a big children's play zone. In the 1970s, Vienna dug a canal parallel to the mighty Danube River, creating both a flood barrier and a much-loved island escape. The Schönbrunn Palace, with its expansive grounds standing at the edge of town, was their summer residence. Paperback $10.45 $ 10. You'll find all the Habsburg greats, including Maria Theresa, her son Josef II (Mozart's patron), Franz Josef, and Empress Sisi. Demel is the ultimate Viennese chocolate shop. Rick: So this is, already — this is sour Kraut? The young people don't go for this but the old timers love it. Rick Steves Pocket Vienna (Rick Steves Travel Guide) by Rick Steves | Feb 25, 2020. (We also used airbnb exp in Prague - it was so nice being in a small group of under 10 - especially when we'd see the huge tour groups walking by with headsets and 50 people. You'll find everything from tasty olives and fresh baklava…, Sauerkraut vendor: This is, uh, four days old. Picture white-gloved dandies with their dates. And today, the city enjoys the cultural and physical remnants of its imperial past as both an inspiration and a playground for living well. One of the charms of Vienna is how things are so close together. An added bonus is the chance to wander alone, with almost no tourists, among the royal Habsburg halls, stairways, and painted ceilings. Vinegar vendor: Danke schön. Perhaps the best way to match this rustic conviviality today is to head into the nearby Vienna Woods. Paperback $13.99 $ 13. WWII damage was heavy inside and out. 99. A convivial, free-to-everyone people scene erupts each evening in summer (July–August) on Rathausplatz, the welcoming park in front of City Hall (right on the Ringstrasse). Melk's restored abbey is one of Europe's great sights. Its glorious music venues offer a total of 10,000 seats which are generally sold-out every night. The jeweled arch represents the parade helmet of ancient Roman emperors, whose successors the Habsburgs claimed to be. The famous Sacher torte is made-to-order for chocoholics. The long, narrow square they created was filled with a lively produce market that still bustles almost daily. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Sauerkraut vendor: Yes. In spite of severe dieting and fanatic exercise, age took its toll. This time we're celebrating the good life in Vienna. Famously energetic and dedicated to duty, Franz Josef stood at this tall table to meet with commoners. While the last Habsburg checked out in 1918, the palace is still plenty busy. La Norma was one of the recommended restaurants in Rick Steves' Vienna travel book and we were not disappointed. Every April 27, the Dutch celebrate their bright orange holiday of Koningsdag, or King’s Day, in celebration of the birthday of their monarch, Willem-Alexander. Simply point to whatever looks tasty. Palatial rooms are filled with odd medieval noise makers, regal trumpets, famous pianos, and more. We{u2019}ll tiptoe through the palace of Maria Theresa and be dazzled by the Hapsburg crown jewels. The 22-year-old Raphael captured the spirit of the High Renaissance, combining symmetry, grace, beauty, and emotion. By Rick Steves Musicians come from around the world to play where so many have made beautiful music over the generations. And the tradition continues to the delight of music lovers from around the world. These lavish, Versailles-type, "wish-I-were-God" royal rooms are the downtown version of the suburban Schönbrunn Palace. This was Franz Josef in 1915, when he was 85 years old. Vienna tours. Add sugar, cinnamon, and rum raisins…roll it up…glaze with lemon sauce…pop in the oven, and before you know it…you've got your apple strudel. In the palace, you'll learn of her fairy-tale existence — her escapes, dieting mania, and chocolate bills. At their peak of power in the 1500s, the Habsburg family ruled Austria, Germany, northern Italy, the Netherlands, and even Spain. Today it symbolizes the city's freedom and proud spirit. Oh man! King Solomon's portrait is Old Testament proof that kings can be wise and good. While a city-slicker himself, Bruegel dressed down to observe country folk at play. Vienna remains one of the world's great cities for classical music, and this building still belts out some of the finest opera, both classic and cutting-edge. Rick Steves' Europe. A century after that empire's fall, the Viennese appreciate their imperial legacy as a cultural wellspring — and an excuse to live in style. This time we're celebrating the good life in Vienna. It was nice meeting you, bye-bye. While historians joke their domain was neither holy nor Roman, they did have some fancy jewels. With Rick Steves. vienna rick steves europe hq Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. While it's fun to chase down all these royal body parts, remember that the real legacy of the Habsburgs is the magnificence of their city. Clearly, no one's goin' hungry tonight. Kindle $9.99 $ 9. The theater itself features five wraparound balconies, gold-and-red decor, and a bracelet-like chandelier. These days' visitors to Vienna find musical treats wherever they turn. Here in her bedroom, servants worked two hours a day on Sisi's famous hair. What's the name of this cafe called himself to the owner. (photo: Cameron Hewitt) If any European capital knows how to enjoy the good life, it's Vienna. Among this famous place's 22 options for small sandwiches, the classic favorites are Geflügelleber (chicken liver), Matjes mit Zwiebel (herring with onions), and Speck mit Ei (bacon and eggs). And, amidst the famous vineyards, they gather for the ritual of tasting the new wine. Customers enjoy a close-up look at the cooking. David shows off the dripping head of the slain giant. Until next time, keep on traveling. The cross says the emperor ruled as Christ's representative on earth. Posted by Pat (San Diego, California) on 11/20/20 11:49 PM. The painting, bled of color, is like a black-and-white crime-scene photo. This famous and touristy Heuriger feels more polished compared to the other Heurigen I list, which is not necessarily a good thing. For centuries, Vienna was the crown jewel of the rich and powerful Habsburg Empire. It's touristy — tour guides holding up banners with group numbers wait out front after the show. He was fasinated with both the beauty and danger of women. The city sits along the Danube River. Café Sperl dates from 1880 and is still furnished identically to the day it opened — from the coat tree to the chairs. One of Europe's great streets, the Ringstrasse is lined with many of Vienna's top sights. For a handy do-it-yourself budget tour, hop on tram #1 and make the loop. The Baroque church offers a terrific close-up look at its frescoes, thanks to a construction elevator that's open to the public. But we're here in July…and nothing's scheduled. The collection spans the all stars of the Italian Renaissance: Titian — the Venetian — seemed particular intimate with the pre-Christian gods and their antics. While the Habsburgs have been out of power since the end of World War I, they maintain a hold on the Austrian spirit — as you feel when you visit their tombs. There's not a plastic cup anywhere, just real plates and glasses — Vienna wants the quality of eating to be as high as the music. Vienna's tasty cuisine, like its old empire, is multi-national. Historically, culturally, and from a sightseeing point of view, Vienna is the sum of an illustrious past. In the 1860s, Emperor Franz Josef had the city's ingrown medieval wall torn down. Paintings are smaller, full of down-to-earth objects, designed to appeal to the thriving merchant class. The hot and muggy butterfly zone is a tropical wonderland any time of year. You can simply admire its Neo-Renaissance charms from the outside (and maybe slip inside the lobby for a peek), or take a guided tour of the lavish interior, or attend an opera performance, which can be surprisingly easy and cheap. Rick Steves Pocket Vienna (Rick Steves Travel Guide) Part of: Rick Steves Travel Guide (32 Books) | by Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw | Feb 25, 2020. Palace visits are a one-way romp through three sections: a porcelain and silver collection, a museum dedicated to the enigmatic and troubled Empress Sisi, and the luxurious apartments themselves. Locals linger over pastry and coffee at cafés. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Austria / Vienna; Please sign in to post. Music in Vienna's parks enjoys a long tradition. Vienna is the capital of Austria, the cradle of classical music, the home of the rich Habsburg heritage, and one of the world's most livable cities. Mars — his weapons blissfully discarded, sees her point. Terms of Service | Privacy, Vienna, Austria: Hofburg Imperial Treasury. Singles consider this the best pick-up place in town. Vienna was the grand capital of the formerly grand Habsburg Empire — which once stretched across much of Europe. The emperor presided here over cabinet meetings in this room. The Hofburg palace offers something for everyone. That's a mix of east and west. Richly populated with statues, they make a saintly parade that leads right up to the high altar. In this community of butterflies, the trays serving up rotting slices of fruit are the tavern. For many Viennese, the living room is down the street at the neighborhood coffeehouse. Rick: Four days old? My Account. They'd come ask him a favor or tell him thanks for something. Later Habsburg emperors were not only generous supporters of music, but fine musicians and composers themselves. Elisabeth, Franz Josef's mysterious, narcissistic, and beautiful wife, is in vogue these days. Her main goals in life seem to have been preserving her beautiful empress image, maintaining her Barbie-Doll figure, and tending to her cascading hair. (photo: Rick Steves) The Viennese enjoy lingering with friends at peaceful wine gardens. He ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so Hungarians sat at these meetings. Many locals claim that it takes several years of practice to distinguish between the young Heuriger wine and vinegar. WALK BEGINS WALK ENDS Volks-garten Burg-garten Stephans-platz Herrengasse Karlsplatz Burgring Opernring Schwarzen-bergplatz G. G.. O P E R N-Platz G A S S E G . The venerable Café Sperl is still furnished as it was on the day it opened back in 1880. In the front, below the huge papal crown, Saints Peter and Paul shake hands before departing for their final battles, martyrdom, and ultimate triumph. In the last days of the war, the original timbered Gothic rooftop went up in flames. Posted by Susanne ( Fulda Germany and Rhode Island USA) on 10/20/19 03:00 PM. You will have to decide how much energy you have for more places versus more sites within Vienna. In a glow emanating from a radiance of desire, the body she presses against is a self-portrait of the artist himself — Gustav Klimt. After the defeat of Napoleon, Vienna hosted a huge diplomatic convention in 1815. Just before the show, people gather to enjoy dinner in the park. There is a Danube-side bicycle path and you can rent electric bikes easily and just head off and return for something more athletic. Vienna was Europe's music capital long before Beethoven called it home. With the humanism of the Renaissance, man was allowed to shine, and artists — like Anton Pilgram, a master builder of this cathedral — were recognized as creators also. Please sign in to post. 06/11/19 12:42 AM. Posted on July 29, 2018 July 27, 2018 Spatis, Trdelník, CBD … Related: What are the most popular tours in Vienna? Here in the grand entry hall, it's easy to imagine an age when opera was as popular as movies are today. See the Travel Details above for recommendations highlighted in bold. OK, bye-bye! As you enter, you'll be dazzled by the space and reminded of the former glory of the Habsburgs' multi-national empire. All along this traffic-free, grassy park you'll find the Viennese at play. The treasures, well-explained by an audioguide, include the crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne's saber, a unicorn horn, and more precious gems than you can shake a scepter at. The 11th-century Imperial Cross preceded the emperor in ceremonies. In his Farmers' Dance there's not a saint in sight, but there is a message. The Danube is an integral part of Vienna — both for trade and for recreation. Vienna's Naschmarkt is nearby. While waitresses bring your wine order, the food is self-serve. But visiting the imperial remains is not as easy as you might imagine. Renting the audioguide brings the exhibits to life and lets you hear the collection's fascinating old instruments being played. Here, tourist admissions help pay the bill. Today, there are more than 1,700 acres of vineyards within Vienna's city limits, and countless Heuriger taverns. Room after luxurious room, the palace heralds the story of a powerful family. Tours are offered daily. It has the offices of the Austrian president, and it's home to hundreds of government workers, the Spanish Riding School, Vienna Boys' Choir…and the palace itself welcomes the public. Bagpipes symbolized hedonism. Even in the street musicians. Here in the foothills of the Alps, locals enjoy their natural backyard. The Tupperware-colored replacements date from 1950. (only 3 days) Posted by Estimated Prophet. About 2,000 spots on comfy benches face a 60-foot-wide screen up against the City Hall's Neo-Gothic facade. The ceramic tiles are purely decorative. The original practitioner of "make love not war," Maria Theresa expanded her empire while avoiding wars by skillfully marrying her children into other royal families. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, It houses the Austrian gallery of 19th- and 20th-century art. When I think about Vienna, I think about good living: elegant parks, romantic Danube River, imperial art collections, great music. One of the world's most stunning collections of royal regalia, the Hofburg Treasury shows off sparkling crowns, jewels, gowns, and assorted Habsburg bling in darkened rooms. My Account. As always, the art had a purpose; teaching...or propaganda — depending upon your perspective — purpose: Here, Faith, Hope, Charity, and Catholic priests triumph and inspire — while Protestants and their trouble-making books are trashed. In painting, that meant that Greek gods joined saints and angels as popular subjects. History is everywhere. This David is not a heroic Renaissance Man like Michelangelo's famous statue, but a homeless teen that Caravaggio hired off the street. Rick: Thank you! I could become a connoisseur of vinegar. Many of Europe's finest old libraries are in monasteries like this. It's surreal to observe these distorted figures from this unintended angle. We'll explore the palace, picnic on the Danube, bake a strudel, visit an extraordinary Gothic cathedral, chase butterflies, marvel at the crown jewels, and of course, do a little waltzing. Rick Steves' Germany, 2003 Covers Munich, Bavaria, Vienna, Salzburg, the Berner Oberland, and includes Prague. The uniquely Viennese institution of Heurigen is two things: a young wine, and a place to drink it. Whether you like classical music, imperial grandeur, or just a good apple strudel, you'll love Vienna. Vinegar vendor: Wiedersehen. Tonight, 3,000 seats are filled as people who couldn't make it to the original performance enjoy the Vienna State Opera and its orchestra perform the Love Potion by Donizetti for free. Then we'll explore the city's surroundings, with a trip along the romantic Danube River and a hike through the breathtakingly Baroque Melk Abbey. While the exterior is Baroque — the favored style of divine monarchs in the 17th century, much of the interior was finished under Maria Theresa in let-them-eat-cake Rococo — the frillier style that followed. The decor is splendid Baroque — the preferred style of divine monarchs as it served as a kind of propaganda to sell the Old Regime notion that some were born to rule and others were born to be ruled. Divine monarchs like the Habsburgs liked their art divine too, in other words, Baroque. Video: Watch Vienna, an episode of the Rick Steves' Europe TV show. 99. The Vienna State Opera house, built in the 1860s, is the pride of Vienna. This is the title of a corny Hallmark romcom movie-BUT-the scenes of Xmas in Vienna, including the xmas markets, are worth watching the movie. This time we're hanging with the Habsburgs…in Vienna. Pieter Bruegel the Elder was the Norman Rockwell of the 16th century — the undisputed master of the slice-of-life village scene. Here, in Mars, Venus and Amor, a busy cupid oversees the goddess of love making her case that war is not the answer. If you happen to be looking through Demel's window at exactly 19:01, just after closing, you can witness one of the great tragedies of modern Europe: the daily dumping of its unsold cakes.